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We like to make our campaigns personal, fun and informative which is something that other forms of marketing and other firms cannot compete with.


We are committed to providing the best results for any clients in any market! We are Alpha!


Expand globally over the next 3 years! Become the top Outsourcing company thats known for its quality and Great team!


Unique Direct face to face marketing channels tailored to guarantee optimum results and long term customers through B2B, Events marketing and B2C!


Proven replicable campaigns that are designed for maximum growth. Trialled and tested before taken out to the market.


Expand into the midlands! Next stop Europe and USA! Provide a tailored Face to Face approach that strongly rivals any competitors!


To be the best we can be and overcome any challenge we come across!

The more we understand about our clients and the challenges they face, the better position we are in to help them grow. Not only do we regularly review our campaigns but we also go through those results with you so that you can make sure we are hitting the targets that we promised you and delivering the results we know that we are capable of. We work with you to make sure that you are fully aware of what is happening at each stage of the campaign and that you are happy with it. This is all just part of the quality service that we aim to provide.


About The Company

A young, dynamic, outsourced direct marketing and sales company.

Our Working Place

In short, we are a business committed to making your business a success.

This isn’t our first rodeo, our team are experienced in face to face sales and marketing, cutting our teeth in the thriving metropolis of London.
We noticed that businesses outside London need expert sales and marketing teams too, so will soon be expanding our services to the United States.
Our secret is simple, the best people, giving a premium experience to every customer. This might sound rudimental, but it doesn’t take Socrates to figure out, that people buy from people.
We believe in a premium experience and if you work with us that is what you will receive. Our enthusiasm and positivity extends to our customer service, in fact we aim to have a impact on everyone we meet along our journey from customers to clients.
Whether we are helping the world’s largest brands stay fresh, helping new and inventive ‘challenger brands’ take the next step, or partnering with traditional agencies to bring them exciting and innovative work for their clients, our aim is always the same. We don’t believe our clients should have to compromise on quality, so you won’t have to. Remember, we want you to succeed!


Our Pledge

Our Aim

We aim to offer customer acquisitions solutions and it is our privilege to deliver unrivalled face to face experiences to our clients and their customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest quality direct marketing and sales services to any company that requires it.

Our Promise

Whatever your business needs, we will deliver high quality results whilst ensuring a premium service for both you and your customers. No matter your budget, we can tailor a bespoke direct marketing and sales strategy to suit your needs.

Why Outsource to us?

By outsourcing your sales and marketing to Alpha Gamma Solutions you are putting us in the driving seat, but you still get to come along for one heck of a ride!
And by driving seat, we mean generating sales and improving customer acquisition. And the destination of this ride? In short increased profits for you.
We know that, outsourcing parts of your business, something that you have worked extremely hard to get off the ground, and placing that in the hands of someone else... It's a tough decision!

By trusting us with this responsibility, in return we promise to be incredibly cost-effective and bring your business more customers, a high quality service and less stress. As a business you have a core service to focus on and we don’t believe you should have to worry about where your next customer comes from.
Alpha Gamma Solutions guarantee a cost-effective, first-class service that delivers phenomenal results and guarantees you a high ROI. We’re here for you, to make your business as successful as it possibly can be.

Here at Alpha Gamma Solutions, we represent your brand in the way that you would expect us to, with respect and a professional, compassionate attitude. Not only do we market and sell your product but we also use our unique, personalised approach to connect with your customers. We want customers to relate to your brand and we want them to commit to it. Using our personal methods of connecting with your customers directly and engaging in face to face interactions we can build long lasting relationships in order to improve your customer acquisition, brand loyalty, brand awareness, generate new leads and ultimately, drive quality sales.



We take our campaigns directly to customers and tell them everything they need to know about your product/service. People are more interested and engaged when they can see a product in front of them and can experience how passionate somebody feels about it and we are incredibly passionate about our clients’ businesses.


Our unique style and our friendly sales force will give your brand a face which is something that customers are not used to experiencing and desperately seek. Our personalised approach gives your customers someone to turn to if they have a problem or if they just have any questions regarding the product, we are always on hand to help them. We provide customers with an outstanding and friendly customer service which they will forever remember and associate with your brand, which is likely to turn them in to long-lasting, returning customers.


Best of all, we can tailor our direct marketing campaigns to suit your needs, whether you need all of our services or just a selection of your choice, we listen to you and make our campaigns according to your goals.

“ It comes down to finding something you love to do and then just trying to be great at it” - Mark Cuban"

Our Expansion Plans


Alpha Gamma Solutions is expanding!
Over the next two years, we plan to have multiple offices throughout the UK.
We are specifically looking to expand throughout the Midlands area, as well as new locations internationally in Europe and the US.


Satisfied Customers


Returning Customers


Client Recommendations


Current Campaigns

Meet the MD

Introducing Alexander Graf

Alexander is a young business owner with tonnes of ambition and drive. Originally from London, Alexander is a huge Arsenal fan and also loves reading marvel comics and playing video games in his spare time.

Get to know more about our MD and his interesting hobbies, as well as his business background by reading his bio here.


“ The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Drucker

Get in Touch

Feel free to send us your questions!

If you’re interested in hiring our services, please get in touch with us using the information below. We look forward to discussing campaign ideas with you.

Registered Address: Carlton House 28 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 6YH
Company Number: 09101130

Phone number: 07545833553

"If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way” - Napoleon Hill


Due to increasing demand from our clients and our own goals to expand over the next 2 years, we have space for several new contractors. Want to know more about how you can become a crucial brand ambassador? Contact us here 150