Entrepreneurial Must Have Apps Revealed by Alpha Gamma Solutions

Entrepreneurial Must Have Apps Revealed by Alpha Gamma Solutions

Outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Alpha Gamma Solutions are advocates of entrepreneurship and have experience guiding and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs. The customer acquisition experts have revealed the killer apps for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are the foundation of the UK economy and the driving force of innovation. The life of an entrepreneur is full of risk, failure, challenges and success as they swim against the tide of everyday life and expectations. All entrepreneurs require assistance to work as they simultaneously juggle multiple activities and this assistance regularly comes in the form of technology. Thanks to massive recent technological advancements, the life of an entrepreneur has become much more comfortable.  Here, Alpha Gamma Solutions reveal their top 5 killer apps that play an essential part in the running of entrepreneurial life.

Google Keep – this app allows the user to create lists, text and voice memos in an aesthetic and organised system.  Google Keep will sync all Google products and allow for the sharing of documents to assist collaboration.

mint.com – keeping track of financials is vital for entrepreneurs and Mint will pull together all personal finance accounts and investments into one place.  Mint will help the entrepreneur keep track of spending, budgets, bills and savings.

Duolingo – in the increasingly multicultural business world, Duolingo will help the user to learn some of the world’s most spoken languages in a fun and free way.

TED – the official TED app exposes more than 1700 TEDTalk videos and audios with more added weekly.

LinkedIn – this professional networking app makes it easy for an entrepreneur to build their personal brand, create a network and stay informed of market trends.

‘Technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their time, educate themselves, build a network and stay organised and productive’ said a spokesperson for Alpha Gamma Solutions. ‘With so many apps on the market, it is important for an entrepreneur to choose the app that works best for their style’ added the spokesperson.

Alpha Gamma Solutions is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to use technology to their advantage and take note of the apps above.


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