Change your vocabulary to become a better sales representative, suggets Alpha Gamma Solutions

Change your vocabulary to become a better sales representative, suggests Alpha Gamma Solutions

As a company built on direct sales and marketing, Alpha Gamma Solutions believe that utilising the correct vocabulary is extremely important during any sales interaction.

The firm was established to provide outsourced sales solutions, with a focus on direct sales and face to face communication to generate new customers for their clients and a guaranteed ROI. Alpha Gamma Solutions are devout believers that their methods offer businesses with an increasingly loyal customer base as opposed to other, digital avenues.  

At the core of their business philosophy is the idea that new customers are more likely to remember a conversation than an image or video. However, in recent weeks they have realised that their philosophy is only true when their contractors utilise the right vocabulary to obtain new customers. Consequently, the firm is hosting a workshop this week titled ‘change your vocabulary for sales success’. 

The workshop covers three areas their contractors can work on to improve their vocabulary in the field to improve their sales success. They are as follows: 

Clarity: Alpha Gamma advises their contractors to avoid using acronyms, foreign words, industry specific phrases and unnecessary jargon when promoting their clients products. They are firm in the belief that leaving no room for alternative interpretation will communicate the reality of what they are offering to the customer more efficiently.  

TrustAnother critical tip the firm has provided is to establish trust by doing away with sales clichés. They understand that the negative perception of the sales industry has emerged from their use of predatory terms. Instead, Alpha Gamma implores their contractors to do away with any words that do not honestly describe the product. Hard sell phrases like ‘one in a million’ and ‘guarantee’ play up to the sales person cliché, and should be done away with. By improving the clarity of a pitch and referencing only what the product has to offer Alpha Gamma Solutions are certain their sales representatives will see a definite improvement in their sales. 

Certainty: Linked closely to clarity and trust. The firm implores their sales representatives to try to project confidence and certainty in their communication. They claim that they can do this by honing in on their product knowledge, product background, and customer service skills. Alpha Gamma Solutions believe that customers prefer brands who sales representatives exhibit solid understanding and full confidence in the project. Consequently, the firm does not want to hear phrases like “I’m not sure” or “I think.” 

Alpha Gamma Solutions are looking forward to seeing how their sales representatives evolve following this workshop. They feel that both recruits and seasoned sales veterans often need a reminder of the kinds of vocabulary they need to achieve success – and are hopeful each member of their workforce takes on board their advice.