Become a body language experts using Alpha Gamma Solutions' top tips

Become a body language experts using Alpha Gamma Solutions’ top tips

Direct marketing and sales specialists, Alpha Gamma Solutions contend that reading body language is a key skill for success. The Leicester-based firm has revealed their top tips to help you become a body language expert.

Direct marketing and sales firm, Alpha Gamma Solutions know that body language skills are crucial within the sales industry because people buy from people. Body language provides a ton of information about what other people are thinking, but only if a person knows what to look for.

Research by UCLA has shown that only 7% of communication is based on the actual words a person says; 38% comes from the tone of voice used and 55% is from body language.

There are different tricks for reading a person’s body language. Alpha Gamma Solutions explains the essential ones to learn:

If a person has crossed arms and legs, then they are singling a resistance to the ideas being put before them. They act as physical barriers that suggest the person is not open to what is being said to them. Crossed arms and legs signal that a person is mentally, emotionally and physically adverse to what is in front of them.

When a person has a genuine smile, it will reach as far as their eyes. To know that a person is properly smiling, then look for the crinkles at the corner of the eyes, and this will be a sign that they are open to what is being said to them. It is also important to have great posture because it will command respect and promote engagement.

It’s a good thing to have someone copy your body language because that is something a person does when they feel an unconscious bond with whom they are communicating with. This comes in handy when negotiating because people show what they really feel.

“Body language is a really important element of communicating,” outlined Alexander Graf of Alpha Gamma Solutions. “Sometimes it can send a stronger signal than the actual words being used which is why it is important to practice positive body language, especially when negotiating a sales deal,” added Mr. Graf.

Alpha Gamma Solutions is an ambitious and vibrant direct sales and marketing firm based in Leicester. The firm works closely with their sales contractors to develop positive body language and because of this, they are able to deliver a bespoke face-to-face marketing and sales strategy for their clients’ specific needs.