Are You Speaking the Language of Success? Asks Alpha Gamma Solutions

Are You Speaking the Language of Success? Asks Alpha Gamma Solutions

The way a person communicates and the language they use have a huge impact on their success, however many people are guilty of falling into common linguistic traps which can kill motivation and progress. Alpha Gamma Solutions has reviewed how people can start speaking the language of success.

Leicester-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Alpha Gamma Solutions underlines the importance of language and communication when working towards success, especially in the sales industry. Instead of concentrating on the negatives, Alpha Gamma Solutions says that by using positive language people are more likely to maintain a great attitude, feel less stressed, achieve better results and feel more rewarded than others who would rather think of the difficulties they may encounter. “By focusing on having the right intention and choosing the words we use, we can influence the way we work, which has a direct impact on how successful we are,” explains Alpha Gamma Solutions.


Many people are guilty of concentrating on the negatives or tasks that are difficult. In fact, Therese J. Borchard reveals in her article ‘Words Can Change Our Brains’ that it is natural for humans to worry as the brain is wired to protect them from threats. A single negative word can increase fear as the human brain releases dozens of stress producing hormones and neurotransmitters, which can have a direct impact on logic reason and language.


“Especially when it comes to sales, people like to think straight away that it is exhausting, difficult, even annoying or they think of negative stereotypes. Many are afraid of self-promotion,” says Alpha Gamma Solutions. By looking at things from an optimistic angle, people can change their perspective. According to the authors Newberg and Waldman, the more someone concentrates on positive words, the more it affects other areas of the brain. Alpha Gamma Solutions adds: “So instead of saying ‘I can’t’ or ‘won’t’ or ‘it’s too hard’, start using words such as ‘I can’, I will’ or ‘let’s do this’. Once you see new opportunities in everything you do, you can improve your results in no time.”


Alpha Gamma Solutions are an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in Leicester. What distinguishes the firm from their competitors is the environment they create. “We encourage a positive company culture by creating a motivational and unique learning environment with fantastic development opportunities,” says Alpha Gamma Solutions. As a result, the company prides itself with 95 percent customer satisfaction for their clients and 87 percent returning customers in Q1 2016. “We are sure that our success is based on the environment we create. We are passionate and optimistic about what we do and no one can stop us.”