Alpha Gamma Texas

Alpha Gamma Solutions Visit Texas on Exciting Travel Opportunity

Sales and marketing firm Alpha Gamma Solutions will be travelling to Texas from their Leicester headquarters this month. Here, the company reveals their exciting market research plans.

Leicester City Football Club may be having a slight fall from grace this year, leaving the city on a bit of a downer, but there’s one team in Leicester who most certainly are not falling short, and that’s Alpha Gamma Solutions. The sales and marketing firm is currently expanding across the UK and taking their market research plans across the pond all the way to Texas. Alex Graf, CEO of Alpha Gamma Solutions will be travelling to the Lone Star State this month to connect with industry professionals in the area and share ideas and advice.

Alex Graff has been looking into expanding to the US for some time now, and he feels with this upcoming exciting trip he will meet with business owners in the area and be able to learn from them – allowing him to gain valuable and considerable market research. The whole team at Alpha Gamma Solutions are extremely enthusiastic about the trip, as it’s an accumulation of everybody’s hard work, which is really starting to pay off.

Mr Graff has always had a passion for travelling, having previously worked in hospitality in the exotic islands of Ibiza, Spain. There he grew a profound knowledge of customer care and benefits of exploring new avenues that come with travelling. This sense of exploration is one he has brought forth to his company and implemented into his business model. It is no surprise that the CEO now wants to go even further than Europe and into the USA where endless possibilities lie. Having always had plans for growth, this international expansion is just what Alex Graff and Alpha Gamma Solutions have been hoping for.

Alex Graff is hoping this trip will give his workforce a massive head start and an opportunity to learn what makes a business successful overseas. Meeting with the finest industry professionals across the pond and getting the first-hand experience will undoubtedly be a unique and valued experience.

Market research is vital for success; it helps to deliver top results which are what Alpha Gamma Solutions strives for, as it’s what the clients expect and deserve. As a team that deliver face-to-face sales, there are always new trends and so on to learn, market research is what builds that knowledge.

Alpha Gamma Solutions are extremely excited for the upcoming trip, it will be a chance to learn, navigate the local markets and also to relax and enjoy some of the state’s culture.