Alpha Gamma Solutions Shocked by Recent Report into Progression

After a report published by had found that a fifth of UK workers felt discriminated against in promotion decisions, Alpha Gamma Solutions has voiced their shock and outlined how their revolutionary business model is eradicating discrimination.

Based in Leicester, Alpha Gamma Solutions are an ambitious sales and marketing firm that put innovation and customer service at the forefront of their direct marketing strategy. Through face to face marketing, the company helps some of the world’s leading brands to increase their brand awareness and customer acquisitions by forming long lasting relationships with their client’s consumers.

Last week, a recent study conducted by the global firm Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna found that one fifth of UK employees feels discriminated against in promotion decisions. The research showed that age ranked as the most common cause of inequality at 39 percent, with gender trailing in second with 26 percent closely followed by employment status at 22 percent.


The study went on to state that 29 percent of all employees feel that the promotion process in their company was unfair with a majority of them saying they felt that their business failed to provide adequate guidance on how to successfully progress their career.


Alpha Gamma Solutions were extremely disappointed by these research findings and believes that it is unacceptable that employers are failing to give their workforce equal opportunity to succeed. As advocates of personal and professional development within the workplace, Alpha Gamma Solutions believe that everyone deserves that chance to develop their skills and experience.


In a move to eradicate discrimination within their firm, Alpha Gamma Solutions have designed a business model that supports progression and offers all of their contractors the equal opportunity to develop at their own speed. By only offering entry level roles and providing all of their contractors with the same mentoring and development opportunities, the firm has enabled their contractors to develop solely on the basis of their own performance and merit.


Alpha Gamma Solutions have found that this approach dramatically levels the playing field by removing factors such as age, background, experience and education. Instead, their successful business model shines a light on individual ambition and achievements while creating a positive company culture that rewards hard work and camaraderie.


The firm is now hoping that other companies will emulate their successful business model by implementing a similar strategy within their own businesses. Discussing the reasons why progression is so important, the firm’s Managing Director Alexander Graf said “For businesses to thrive it is imperative that they take the time to invest in their workforce. The success of most companies relies on the development of their workforce. Stagnation doesn’t help anyone, and real success can only happen if everyone is committed to fulfilling their goals and sharing their knowledge.”