Alpha Gamma Solutions - travel opportunity

Alpha Gamma Solutions Offers Exciting Travel Opportunity

Leicester-based sales and marketing firm Alpha Gamma Solutions is organising an exciting trip to South Africa to connect with industry professionals. Here, the firm reveals how a number of lucky individuals could bank a place on the trip.

In April 2017, Alpha Gamma Solutions is invited to attend an industry event in South Africa. In order to motivate their contractors, the firm is planning to take five individuals to the country’s prestigious sales and marketing awards. Alexander Graf, Managing Director of Alpha Gamma Solutions, explains: “This trip will be an exciting opportunity to network with other industry professionals, not only at the awards ceremony but also with colleagues from the sales and marketing office we will be visiting.” Alexander Graf adds that in addition to that, attendees will have the possibility to conduct market research and understand how the direct sales and marketing industry is progressing in different areas. Furthermore, after the hard work over the past few months, this trip will be a wonderful R&R opportunity and a change of scenery in order to recharge batteries and boost excitement.

Alpha Gamma Solutions is known and appreciated by their clients for their personalised campaigns that are fun and informative at the same time. Alexander Graf of Alpha Gamma Solutions says: “In order to be successful and keep up our fresh and exciting image, we must look after our people. Therefore we thought it would be fantastic to come up with a little competition and the top performers will be selected to go on the trip.” Alpha Gamma Solutions has implemented a performance-based competition, where individuals must consistently deliver and improve results and demonstrate crucial leadership qualities in order to bank a place on the trip. The firm believes that this travel opportunity will boost motivation and consequently, it will help drive results organisation-wide and create a huge buzz around Alpha Gamma Solutions. “We see this travel opportunity as a reward and a sign of appreciation for our contractors’ hard work”, adds Alexander Graf.

Based in Leicester, Alpha Gamma Solutions is a dynamic, outsourced direct sales and marketing company, promoting their clients’ services and products by conducting effective and personalised marketing campaigns. The firm reviews their campaigns on a regular basis to ensure sales are maximised and to drive loyalty through personalisation. With 95 percent satisfied customers and 87 percent returning ones, Alpha Gamma Solutions has become one of the market leaders in their industry in the UK and is currently planning to expand into further markets this year. The upcoming travel opportunity in line with an expected increase in sales will be another step the firm takes to increase results and outrun their competition.