Alpha Gamma Solutions MD weighs in on the importance of work ethic

Alpha Gamma Solutions MD weighs in on the importance of work ethic

Managing Director of Alpha Gamma Solutions, Alexander Graf, recently sat down to give his opinion on the key elements that contribute to business success, with work ethic firmly at the forefront.

Graf, who began his career as a sales ambassador in the health and fitness sector, believes his journey to the top of the hierarchy had a lot to do with his strong work ethic. From humble beginnings as a small fish in a big pond to progression that lead to becoming the owner of one of Leicester’s leading sales and marketing practices, Graf accredits his positive mindset, insisting a fierce work ethic is integral to success.

The self-made business owner who describes himself as “a CEO with a passion in developing and assisting others in fulfilling their potential,” was keen to note how star members of the Alpha Gamma Solutions company who regularly demonstrate an exemplary work ethic are often the first to be noticed and rewarded for their efforts.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t always come down to possessing a particular talent,” explains the Managing Director, “it has more to do with the consistent application of hard work. Anyone has the ability to work hard to get to where they want to be, and with a strong enough work ethic and determined mindset, anyone can get there.”

In this vein, Alpha Gamma Solutions affirm that when it comes to talent acquisition, they are on the lookout for a solid work ethic over anything else. The firm is quick to recognise and respond to this character trait in all professionals, knowing from experience that individuals who already possess this vital quality, can adapt and learn everything else they need to know.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, Alpha Gamma Solutions, has positioned itself as a niche service that allows for in-person communication with customers. This face-to-face marketing technique can easily be personalised and adapted to specific individual needs, resulting in more emotion being added to the sale because customer preferences are learned and responded to well. Customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if it meets their requirements because it will generate a strong emotional response.  Alpha Gamma Solutions provide this personalised marketing service to customers and have since seen their customer acquisition numbers soar.