Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd Firmly State the Customer must come First

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has announced a new industry code that all direct marketing businesses must abide by. Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd looks at how this code affects the industry and how they ensure the customer always comes first.

The new code of conduct set out by the DMA goes beyond what was required by marketers by law, and focuses on how businesses can improve the customer experience. The code which is set to transform the way businesses use and collect customer data has been developed to tackle the current mistrust felt among consumers and boost their confidence when it comes to sharing information. Sales and marketing firm Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd support the DMA’s new industry code, the firm take a highly customer centric approach within their marketing strategies and believe it’s important for other businesses to do the same.

The newly proposed code applies to both digital and offline marketing and is set to change many marketing approaches within the industry. Customer data not only helps businesses to monitor their success among consumers, it also allows them to build a complete picture of their customer’s individual needs and find solutions to these requirements. Therefore, Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd believes that it’s important for businesses to maintain strong and positive customer relationships if they are to succeed and stand out among their competitors. The new DMA code ensures that customer information is handled in the correct way and is used to first and foremost, to benefit the consumer, not third parties or the business itself.

Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd agree with the DMA that the customer should always come first, and to ensure this happens businesses must go further than to simply follow what is required of them by law. Many businesses are starting to adjust their approach by interacting with consumers face to face, or by respecting their contact preferences when conducting follow up communications. Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd believe this is a great start and that businesses who are already making positive moves to follow the new code are likely to see an increase in customer loyalty and revenue.

Specialising in direct marketing, Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd understand the importance of developing strong customer relationships for clients, whether it be through B2B or B2C marketing. With many consumers feeling undervalued by companies, going the extra mile to boost customer morale is what can make a business stand out among the competition. Alpha Gamma Solutions Ltd help their clients through face to face customer interactions, which allows consumers to open up a clear two way channel of communication with a brand to help them make an informed purchase decision.

Great customer service is an important aspect of direct marketing. The industry only works if the target audience are receptive to their techniques. Customers are always seeking out businesses that actively personalise the customer experience, direct marketing uses techniques that focus on building lasting customer relationships which help attract customers as well as creating a positive brand message.