Alpha Gamma Solutions Investigate the Power of Mentoring

Alpha Gamma Solutions Investigate the Power of Mentoring

The sales and marketing specialists Alpha Gamma Solutions have released a statement explaining why more firms need to offer mentoring opportunities to nurture future talent. 

Alpha Gamma Solutions believes that mentoring young professionals is the duty of companies and incredibly important for their development as it is proven to enrich professional development. Passing on expertise as well as tried and tested methods cannot be overstated, and the firm strongly believes that it is an injustice to the next generation if businesses fail to do this.

The ability to succeed in the sales and marketing industry requires constant innovation; it is vital, as a result, young professionals being able to implement and build upon already successful methods is of utmost importance.

Mentoring programs are gradually becoming increasingly popular within the workplace. They have their benefits not just to the individuals learning from a good mentor but they help in ways such as assisting in reducing staff turnover, they encourage growth, and most importantly they help employees adjust to new positions as well as becoming prepared to move up in the company hierarchy.

79 percent of Millennials now see mentoring as crucial to their future career success. It is understood that 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies are now offering mentoring schemes, thus showing that mentoring programs are quickly becoming standard practice within most industries and workplaces.

Alpha Gamma Solutions believe that their unique business model works towards nurturing the talent of driven individuals, the infrastructure is there to provide those that want to learn and grow with the right tools and guidance for them to thrive. By implementing the mentoring initiative, mentors are assisting in the stewardship of teaching leadership skills to professionals showing high potential for management positions in the future.

Furthermore, as stated above, mentors are reducing turnover rates, further providing a strong argument that providing mentors for high potential individuals will improve the chances of them staying with the company further down the line to progress to leadership positions, reducing the need for outside hires.

Providing mentoring to those that are showing outstanding promise within our firm is essential, its part of our business model and how we’re planning for the future. Nurturing that talent not only keeps our turnover low but also shows that we have confidence in their ability. We want them to do well, and we want to reward them for their hard work and dedication“ stated Alpha Gamma Solutions’ Managing Director Alexander Graf.