Alpha Gamma Solutions investigate the components to success

Last week, sales and events marketing specialists, Alpha Gamma Solutions held a motivational workshop for young professionals, where they investigated the critical components of success.

 As a young and ambitious firm, Alpha Gamma Solutions was fascinated by the various elements that contribute to a successful outcome. During a workshop for their contractors, the company investigated the stories of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and was intrigued by the fundamental similarities that linked them all.

The firm has now shared their findings and is encouraging budding entrepreneurs to introduce these components into their everyday routine to guarantee their chances of success.

Learn from mistakes – A study conducted by Duke University and the University of Southern California, which surveyed over 500 successful company founders, discovered that each of the entrepreneurs attributed their success to their ability to learn from their mistakes. Alpha Gamma Solutions understand that many entrepreneurs will make mistakes along their way, but they believe that one of the underlying differences between a successful outcome and an unsuccessful one is an individual’s ability to learn from their mistakes. As a result, the firm regularly encourages their contractors to adopt different methods and continuously learn from their unsuccessful attempts.


Always endeavour to learn new skills – According to studies of Stanford alumni, individuals that had more variety of roles in their previous jobs were more likely to become entrepreneurs. Alpha Gamma Solutions believes that this shows that entrepreneurs need to develop a broad skill set as this will naturally lead to innovation and development within their company.


Trust your instincts – In a survey conducted by the Kauffman Foundation, researchers found that 98% of company founders said that the willingness to take risks is one of the main contributing factors to success. Alpha Gamma Solutions were delighted by the results of this survey as they are firm believers success is virtually impossible without educated risk taking. As a result, the company regularly encourages their contractors to take risks and provide ongoing training and mentoring to ensure their young professionals are taking risks that will directly lead to their success.


A spokesperson for Alpha Gamma Solutions said “We aim to offer a wealth of training, mentoring and support to young professionals to help them reach their desired level of success. We hope this workshop will help our contractors understand what it takes to be the very best in their field.”