Alpha Gamma Solutions gear up for the Graduate Season

Alpha Gamma Solutions gear up for the Graduate Season

With graduate season on the horizon, Leicester based event marketing experts, Alpha Gamma Solutions are looking to attract the next generation of talent to help take their business forward.

From the beginning of June to the end of November, businesses around the UK are preparing for Graduate Season, and Alpha Gamma Solutions are no exception. The firm is organising themselves in the coming few weeks to handle the influx of applications and prospective newcomers expected to join the company over the next few months.

Managing Director and Founder of Alpha Gamma Solutions, Alex Graf is keen to find a group of determined, newly graduated individuals possessing the kind of fresh ambition and enthusiasm which was instilled in him during his studies at St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

The firm is keen to make prospective applicants aware of their non-discriminating policy on experience, with Mr Graf having stated several times his belief that everyone has the potential to develop and grow, becoming the best they can be within the company. To attract the right professionals, Alpha Gamma Solutions has been hard at work, focusing on creating a workplace that can offer new graduates an inspiring environment to learn and a company culture that the UK’s top talent wants to be a part of. The firm provides state of the art workshops, networking and one-to-one mentoring, making their development opportunities some of the most highly regarded within the sales and marketing industry.

On the subject of recruiting during Graduate Season, MD Alex Graf stated: “University provides the theoretical understand of business, and I am proud to be able to offer graduates the vital real-life experience which is required post-studies, to thrive as a competitive contractor in the world of marketing.”

Alpha Gamma Solutions offers a bespoke and unique marketing technique. As specialists in direct marketing, they believe in connecting face-to-face with consumers, which enables them to build rapport and form unique bonds, as a by-product they are then able to deliver the best service possible. The precision of their approach is what allows them to provide on-going results and ROI to clients every time.