Alpha Gamma Solutions are urging companies to make meetings more efficient

Alpha Gamma Solutions are urging companies to make meetings more efficient

Direct sales and marketing specialists Alpha Gamma Solutions are urging companies to make meetings more efficient, and the Leicester-based firm has outlined how companies can do this.

Outsourced direct marketing and sales firm Alpha Gamma Solutions run effective morning meetings every day to motivate their workforce, and set them up for a successful day ahead. With an average of 11 hours spent in meetings each week, the firm believes that is important for meetings to be concise and efficient, to keep the energy levels high and allow for maximum productivity.

To avoid turning meetings into something of a drag Alpha Gamma Solutions are urging other businesses to improve the efficiency of their meetings. Alpha Gamma Solutions affirms that companies can improve the productivity of their meetings by implementing these tips.

  • Keep meetings small, with the minimum number of attendees needed to achieve the goal of the meeting – Jeff Bezos’ advice is to never hold a meeting where two pizzas couldn’t feed the group
  • Have a purpose to the meeting and make sure that they are always helpful
  • Be strict with how much people are engaged, ejecting people who can’t or won’t contribute
  • Keep the goal of the meeting clear to avoid getting side-tracked and going off topic
  • Have a sense of urgency by setting a short time frame and having people remain standing – a 2014 study found that teams who stayed standing during a meeting were more creative than those who sat down
  • Talk fast to make sure people pick up on the urgency
  • Have one person leading the meeting and in charge of facilitating the conversations
  • Keep a follow-up list to avoid tangents but to keep innovative – create a game plan to follow up on new ideas

“When running an effective meeting, it is important that everyone should know why they are there and what the goal of the meeting is,” highlights Alex Graf, Managing Director of Alpha Gamma Solutions. “Morning meetings are an important part of the day, here at Alpha Gamma Solutions, but that is because we are efficient with our delivery,” added the MD.