Alpha Gamma Solutions Investigates How Your Morning Routine Can Help Build an Empire

Alpha Gamma Solutions Investigates How Your Morning Routine Can Help Build an Empire

Incorporating good habits into your daily morning routine, is what splits the ordinary from the extraordinary, claims Alpha Gamma Solutions.

The Leicester-based direct marketing and sales company believe a good morning routine is vital for getting the most out of every day. The firm has been encouraging their contractors to adopt some simple steps in their morning routines in a bid to make a positive change and help stimulate their workforce.

We have noticed very promising and positive effects in those staff who have been following our advice,” a spokesperson for the company has revealed. “We truly believe that the five steps outlined in our recent workshop, although quite basic, can make all the difference to the productivity and positive mindset of our workforce.”

Here are the five simple steps outlined by the company in their recent workshop

  1. Sleep
  2. An obvious requirement of any healthy mindset, not getting enough sleep is detrimental to the productivity of any working professional. People should try to treat sleep as one of the most important things in the day. If they need to go to bed at 8 pm to get all the sleep they need, then they should go to bed at 8 pm.


  1. Exercise both the body and the mind

While going to the gym and getting daily exercise is often regarded as important, less emphasis is made on the importance of exercising the mind. After all, the body is a reflection of the mind. Either before bed or first thing in the morning are both ideal times to try it out, and there are many fantastic apps available to help with meditating. Apps such as Headspace and Smiling Mind can assist with the challenge of switching off and clearing the mind.


  1. Read

Professionals should try to make time to read something every day. Whether it is simply reading the paper over breakfast or pouring over a book on the train into work in the morning, reading exercises several important brain muscles, serving as excellent preparation for the day ahead.


  1. Make a ‘Most Important’ list

As a way of improving time management for the day ahead, people should try to keep a list of the most important things that need to be completed for the business at hand, to thrive. Noting what requires immediate action, what can wait until tomorrow, and anything that has been skipped for several days in a row can be eradicated, as it indicates that task’s low importance.



  1. Ignore your email

This might be the most unpopular step on this list, but ignoring the emails flooding in will ensure the completion of the task at hand. Checking email before addressing the most pressing needs of the day can be portrayed as admitting that other people know more about a professional’s priorities than they do. It is easy to become roped in by seemingly urgent email requests, which then end up distracting people from their to-do lists!


Alpha Gamma Solutions is a dynamic, outsourced direct sales and marketing company, promoting their clients’ services and products by conducting effective and personalised marketing campaigns. The firm reviews their campaigns on a regular basis to ensure sales are maximised and to drive loyalty through personalisation. With 95 percent satisfied customers and 87 percent returning ones, Alpha Gamma Solutions has become one of the market leaders in their industry in the UK and is currently planning to expand into further markets this year.